When it comes to expertise in excavating, customers have been putting their trust in Delaware Bulldozing for more than 40 years. George C. LaFever had two decades of excavating experience when he and his son, Duane, formed Delaware Bulldozing in 1981. George, “the Ol’ Timer,” as he’s affectionately known, still comes to the office and frequently screens gravel, but Duane now handles day-to-day operation of the company. The company performs all types of excavating and bulldozing.

“We are a family-run business and our staff puts in a lot of care and hours with the clients to ensure that their jobs are done properly,” explained Duane’s wife, Karen, who manages the office. “We have built strong relationships over the years with architects, design engineers, subcontractors, property owners and suppliers who trust us to not only give them the best the industry has to offer, but do so at affordable honest pricing and high quality workmanship,” Karen added. She pointed out, “We have high safety and quality controls and feel this is extremely important when overhead is ever increasing and every dollar counts.” Looking ahead, Karen indicated the Delaware Bulldozing wants to continue to grow as a general excavating contractor, expanding the type of jobs performed by making firm management decisions and keeping client satisfaction top priority.

The company’s primary service area is Delaware County and surrounding counties. The staff is comprised of seventeen hardworking, dedicated employees. George remains an important cog in the operation, even though he no longer handles too many equipment duties. To many folks, George is a local icon, equally known for his storytelling as his bulldozing skills. Karen invites anyone to “Stop in if you’re passing by, look at our sample gravel products, make an appointment, or if you’re lucky the Ol’ Timer will be here and will share a story or two.”